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    Effortlessly Create Beautiful Animations in Minutes…
    with no Hassle or Learning Curve

    Bring your images to life! Create living, breathing worlds from your still image with just a few clicks. Animation Maker lets you make natural scenes burst with vibrancy, and gives motion to people and objects. And it’s easy! You don’t need technical skills or design experience. Start creating beautiful animations with our free trial.

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    Free Animation Software

    Lightning Generation Tool

    Explosion Animation Tool

    Animated Fire Drawing Tool

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DP Animation Maker Software that allows you to add animation to images, and turn them into videos.

  • Export to: Animated GIF, AVI, QuickTime MOV, PNG, EXE
  • More than a dozen animated brushes, including water, fire, waterfall, and geometry morphing brushes
  • More than 200 animated object to choose from, including animated animals and weather effects
  • Camera animation
  • Import options: MP3, WAV, Animated GIF

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DP-Animator: Lightning

Ultimate freeware lightning bold generator. Make your very own animated lightning within seconds. The program features more than 25 parameters including animation timings, shape adjustment, and colors selection.

  • Export to: QuickTime MOV, PNG
  • One animated object: lightning
  • Freeware

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DP-Animator: Fire

Freeware features powerful animation tools that allow you to draw animated fire like your brush is enhanced with magic ink. Just put a few strokes on the canvas, and the flame will dance instantly.

  • Export to: QuickTime MOV, PNG
  • One animted brush: fire
  • Freeware

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DP-Animator: Explosion

This freeware allows you to create realistic explosion animations with a few mouse clicks - no drawing skills required. Design your animations by setting shape, colors, and animation timings.

  • Export to: QuickTime MOV, PNG
  • One animated object: explosion
  • Freeware

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